Based in southern Kentucky, Attatoy is a small, family-centered company that designs and produces toys intended to inspire, educate, and bring comfort in times of uncertainty. Established in 2016, it was created on the founding principle of making durable, affordable toys that enable children to develop their imaginations through play.

In addition to its traditional toy offerings, Attatoy produces a line of Body Part plush toys that are perfect as gifts for pre or post-surgery patients, or for use in educational settings. The plush collection includes: “Barry the Sleeve” stomach plush, “Ivy the Uterus,” and “Harvey the Heart,” along with a gallbladder plush toy complete with removable gallstones, and a kidney plush.

All Attatoy products are safety tested and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they provide years of safe use.

Our goal is to bring a little joy into the lives of our customers. Attatoy is “where the fun begins!”